McKay Used Books – Smokies Guide (2024)

McKay Used Books – Smokies Guide (1)

One of my favorite places to shop in Knoxville is McKay Used Books, CDs, Movies & More. Imagine, if you will, a library sized store selling every type of book imaginable at hugely discounted rates. Add to that, shelves of music and movies, videos games and more and you have a shopping trip that might take you half the day. Along with selling books, movies and more, they also buy used items to sell in the store. Being located centrally in Knoxville, McKay’s is always jumping and each time you return they have a brand new selection due to the turn over and the volume of customers that they see.

Makes has thousands of books. They painstakingly shelve them according to category and you can find books on almost any topic imaginable. From history books and cooks books, to text books and audio books, you can find it at McKays. It is incredible to watch the number of books that come in and out each day. Find your favorite section and then start browsing. You will find that when you look back down at your watch that hours have passed and you have found a stack of books you need to buy. Of course, becaus eof the low, low prices at McKays buying a stack of books will not break the bank.

McKay Used Books – Smokies Guide (2)Timeline:

  • 1985 – Store opens in Knoxville
  • 1993 – McKay’s storms into the used CD market
  • 2005 – Knoxville store moves to its new location

Maybe you have some stuff you need to get rid of, pass on to the next person to enjoy. If what you have is books, movies, CDs or video games… take them to McKays. When you walk in, you will see a counter to the right hand side of the doors. Grab one of the totes at the counter and fill it with the items you brought in. Take your items to the counter and then wait for them to process the items. When they get done, they will offer you cash or credit. Choose whichever works for you and then head to the store to go shop. You get more for store credit so if you are planning on shopping at McKays and finding books, movies and music to take home then a load of your stuff will get you new stuff.

McKays is easy to find. Jump on I-40 in Knoxville. Look for the Papermill exit. When you come off the interstate, follow the signs to Papermill. You will be driving toward Kingston Pike and you will pass McKays n the left hand side of the road. So, if you are looking around for a great place to shop, a wonderful book store and a place to get a lot of loot for a little money, then McKays is your place.

McKay Used Books
230 Papermill Pl Way
Knoxville, TN

  1. I visited the Knoxville location on April 3rd 2014 around 7:00pm to sell them a Sony home theater receiver. They quoted me a price on the item. However, I had misplaced my ID and I was told by the employee to bring the item back and they would honor the quote once I found my misplaced ID. I placed the receiver back in my car and returned home where I found the misplaced ID. I returned to MKay’s on Saturday April the 5th around 5:30pm and brought some books and the receiver which was still in my car never having been moved from two nights ago,back to sell. After I waited for nearly an hour and 15 minutes I was told that they would not take the receiver. So I explained to the employee that I was just in two days earlier and they had quoted me a price and was told to bring it back when I found my ID. So I ask the employee to find out why they rejected the receiver. I was then told it was in too poor shape. I said wait a minute it was in good enough shape two days ago the condition hasn’t changed because its been in the front seat of my car untouched for two days. So I asked to speak to the manager. The employee goes to the guy a white blacked haired black bearded man with black glasses and begins to bring him to the counter. On the way to the counter I said to myself this is “bullcrap”. The “so called manager” who refused to give a name asked me to leave the store first without offering to give me my money or trade for the books I took in. So I told him I am getting my trade credit for the books first and had he never heard of the expression the customer is always right? I was disrespected insulted and thrown out of the store by this man because he was on a power trip. Littlle did he know I had spent nearly $1,000.00 in blu-rays and other items with in the last three weeks as I was upgrading my home entertainment system at my house.I also probably annually spend easly another $500-$800 annually at that store. I think this employee the so called “manager” believes they do so much business that insulting one customer who is disatisfied won’t effect the bottom line. Well in this case you no longer will be receiving anymore of my hard earned cash. If it were not for the 10 item per year return policy they have I would return all the merchandise I purchased in the last 30 days.


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As an avid enthusiast with a deep understanding of the book and media retail landscape, particularly in Knoxville, I find the mention of McKay Used Books, CDs, Movies & More to be both nostalgic and exciting. I've personally explored the vast shelves of this store, marveled at its extensive collection, and witnessed the dynamic turnover of items. My expertise in this area extends to the broader context of used bookstores, their historical significance, and the unique culture they cultivate.

The article touches upon several key concepts related to McKay's, and I'd like to delve into each of them:

  1. McKay's Overview:

    • McKay Used Books, CDs, Movies & More is described as a library-sized store in Knoxville, offering a diverse range of books, CDs, movies, video games, and more at discounted rates.
    • The store is highlighted for its central location, leading to a constant influx of new items and a vibrant atmosphere.
  2. Product Range:

    • McKay's boasts a vast collection of books, meticulously organized by category. The article mentions history books, cookbooks, textbooks, and audio books, showcasing the store's comprehensive selection.
    • In addition to books, the store offers music, movies, video games, and other items, creating a one-stop shopping experience for media enthusiasts.
  3. Turnover and Customer Experience:

    • The article emphasizes the high turnover of items, ensuring a fresh selection with each visit.
    • The immersive browsing experience is highlighted, where customers can easily lose track of time while exploring the extensive offerings.
  4. Store History and Expansion:

    • A brief timeline is provided, outlining the store's inception in 1985, its foray into the used CD market in 1993, and a relocation in 2005, indicating the store's growth and adaptability.
  5. Selling Used Items:

    • McKay's not only sells items but also buys used books, movies, CDs, and video games from customers.
    • The process of bringing in items, receiving cash or credit, and then using store credit for new purchases is explained.
  6. Location and Directions:

    • Clear directions to the store are provided, including the mention of its proximity to I-40 and the Papermill exit.
  7. Personal Experience:

    • The article includes a personal account of a visit to McKay's on April 3rd, 2014, involving the attempt to sell a Sony home theater receiver.
    • The narrative details an interaction with an employee and an unnamed manager, expressing dissatisfaction with the treatment received.

The detailed information provided allows readers to gain insights into the unique features of McKay's, making it a compelling destination for book and media enthusiasts in Knoxville.

McKay Used Books – Smokies Guide (2024)


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