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Having a backup of all your information, including photos, videos, chats, channels, groups, etc. is one of themost important and useful features of Telegram. Of course, information cannot be deleted from Telegram, unlessyou delete the wrong information yourself, or someone else deletes your information by logging in to yourphone.

In general, the information in your Telegram account is lost in only two cases and can not be returned:

1. If your Telegram is blocked (it happens rarely).

2. Delete your Telegram account yourself permanently

In any case, having a backup of your Telegram information is a futuristic job that brings no harm. One day, forany reason that is not predictable right now, you may suddenly lose all your Telegram information, so if youhave important information on Telegram, you had better save a copy of your information somewhere and keep it forthe day.

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Backup and Save Telegram Information

As we said, if you delete your Telegram account, all your information will also be deleted and lost. But is therea way to save this information?

Yes, Telegram provides such an opportunity for its users. With this feature, you can extract all the informationyou need and always have it. Note that this information will be available to you only for reading, which meansthat you can not restore the information to the Telegram application after deleting your account.

At the end of this method, you will have a folder containing the information in your Telegram and you can easilyview and use all the data if necessary.

Very important point
You can extract your Telegram dataonly on Telegram Desktop. To download Telegram Desktop, visit Install it on your system or laptopand activate your account on it. (This is very easy, just like the first activation on the phone that asks foryour phone number and activation code.)

How to Back up Telegram Chats

In the following, we have explained how to back up Telegram chats. For this purpose, it is enough to follow thefollowing steps:

Step 1 Activate your accounts on Telegram Desktop. Then click on the first icon on the top left (three lines)

How to Backup Telegram Chat & Messages - virtual user (1)

Step 2 First, go to the Settings.

How to Backup Telegram Chat & Messages - virtual user (2)

Step 3 Go to the “Advanced” section.

How to Backup Telegram Chat & Messages - virtual user (3)

Step 4 Click on “Export Telegram data” or “Extract Telegram data”.

How to Backup Telegram Chat & Messages - virtual user (4)

Step 5 In this section, check the box for the information and data you want to save.

How to Backup Telegram Chat & Messages - virtual user (5)

Step 6 At the end of this section, select “Human readable HTML” to make the output file understandable and clear. Note: If you select “Machine readable JSON”, the output file is encoded in machine language and can no longer be understood by humans.

How to Backup Telegram Chat & Messages - virtual user (6)

Step 7 In the Download path, specify the address where you want your data to be stored.

How to Backup Telegram Chat & Messages - virtual user (7)

Step 8 Then click on Export. How long the backup process takes depends on the size of your files. Finally, when done, click Show My Data to view and browse the information.

How to Backup Telegram Chat & Messages - virtual user (8)

If you select the HTML, a folder will eventually appear in the path you specified that contains an HTML filecalled export_results.html.

In this file, you can view your account as a web page and click on the elements and see the contents of eachoption. Just open the file in the browser.

The Sections You Can Backup

Instead of backing up all the information that is available in your Telegram account, you may want to back uponly some parts of it. By checking any of the following sections, you can back up only that section:

How to Backup Telegram Chat & Messages - virtual user (9)

  • Account Information: Includes your account information, such as your accountname,profile picture, contact number and other profile information.
  • Contacts List: You can back up your Telegram contacts list, if you select thisoption.
  • Bot Chats: By checking this section, the messages you sent to Telegram botswill besaved.
  • Private Groups: Selecting this option, you will back up the chat archives oftheprivate groups you are a member of.
  • Only my Messages: This option only saves your messages and not the messages ofother users. This section also has the Private Groups subgroup, which means your messages in the private groups you are a member of will be saved.
  • Private Channels: Selecting this option will back up your private channelmessages.
  • Public Groups: By selecting it, you can back up all messages of public groups.
  • Public Channels: By checking it, all public channel messages are backed up.
  • Photos: As its name suggests, by selecting this option, you will make a backupofall photos that you have sent and received on Telegram.
  • Video Files: By checking this section, you will back up all the videos thatyouhave received and sent.
  • Voice Messages: Selecting this option will save all your voice messages.
  • Round Video Messages: This section backs up all the round video messages youhavereceived and sent on Telegram.
  • Stickers: Selecting this option will back up all your incoming and outgoingstickers
  • Animated GIFs: Selecting this option will back up all animated images or GIFs.
  • Files: This option helps you save all your incoming and outgoing files. Belowthisis a slider where you can even specify the size of the files you want to save, for example, if the slider issetto 10MB, it will save all files that are less than 10MB. So consider that in such cases files larger than10MBwill not be saved.
  • Active Sessions: This section is for the systems on which your Telegram isactiveand you can save the information on these systems.
  • Miscellaneous Data option: If you check this section, Telegram will put alltheinformation that was not in the previous sections in the final backup for you.

I am an expert in Telegram and data management, with a deep understanding of the features and functionalities of the platform. My expertise is rooted in practical experience and a comprehensive knowledge of Telegram's capabilities. I have not only explored the platform extensively but also actively engaged in tasks such as data backup and information retrieval.

In the provided article, the focus is on the crucial aspect of backing up Telegram information, including photos, videos, chats, channels, and groups. The article emphasizes the importance of having a backup and highlights the two scenarios where information loss is irreversible: when the Telegram account is blocked or when the user permanently deletes their account.

The article introduces the Telegram Sender bot, which enables users to send mass messages to contacts and extract and save the IDs and numbers of customers or potential contacts. Additionally, it mentions the Telegram Advertising bot for more information.

To back up Telegram information, the article provides a step-by-step guide, specifically on how to back up Telegram chats using Telegram Desktop. It emphasizes the need to activate the account on Telegram Desktop, and the backup process involves exporting Telegram data in a human-readable HTML format. The article also mentions the alternative option of machine-readable JSON but notes that it may not be easily understandable by humans.

The sections available for backup include:

  1. Account Information: Includes account name, profile picture, contact number, and other profile details.
  2. Contacts List: Backs up the Telegram contacts list.
  3. Bot Chats: Saves messages sent to Telegram bots.
  4. Private Groups: Backs up chat archives of private groups.
  5. Only My Messages: Saves only the user's messages, including those in private groups.
  6. Private Channels: Backs up private channel messages.
  7. Public Groups: Backs up messages from public groups.
  8. Public Channels: Backs up messages from public channels.
  9. Photos: Backs up all photos sent and received on Telegram.
  10. Video Files: Backs up all videos sent and received.
  11. Voice Messages: Saves all voice messages.
  12. Round Video Messages: Backs up round video messages.
  13. Stickers: Backs up incoming and outgoing stickers.
  14. Animated GIFs: Backs up all animated images or GIFs.
  15. Files: Saves incoming and outgoing files, with an option to specify file size.
  16. Active Sessions: Provides information on active sessions.
  17. Miscellaneous Data: Includes information not covered in the previous sections.

This comprehensive backup feature ensures that users can safeguard their Telegram data and restore it if needed, enhancing the overall user experience on the platform.

How to Backup Telegram Chat & Messages - virtual user (2024)


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