Dressy Jumpsuits that Wow for Special Occasions! (2024)

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August 9, 2023

If you have a formal event to attend and are shopping for a fancy dress, think about this. How about wearing a dressy jumpsuit instead? Dressy jumpsuits can be just as lovely and glamorous as co*cktail dresses. Plus, they are comfy and modern too.

A classy jumpsuit is perfect for special occasions like Christmas, New Year’s, or a major birthday celebration, but can you wear one to a formal dinner or a company function? What about a dressy jumpsuit for a wedding? The answer to all is a simple yes!

You can Wear a Dressy Jumpsuit to a

  • co*cktail party
  • Wedding – summer, fall, anytime!
  • Special Occasion Birthday Party
  • Fancy Restaurant/Date
  • Formal Charity function
  • Christmas Event
  • Holiday Party (Including Company party)
  • Vacation/Cruise
  • Dressy Wedding/Baby Shower
  • Red carpet-type occasion
  • Dressy reunion
  • When you are the bride – Yes, it’s now a thing!

I’ve listed many places where it’s OK to wear a dressy jumpsuit (some of which may surprise you), but here’s the key.

If you wear a dressy jumpsuit to one of the functions listed above, be mindful of the type of jumpsuit you choose and how you style it. Here are some of the best dressy jumpsuits I’ve seen lately, plus tips on wearing a dressy jumpsuit to look classy and appropriate for these special occasions.

How to Wear a Dressy Jumpsuit

Dressy Jumpsuits that Wow for Special Occasions! (1)

burgundy jumpsuit |rust jumpsuit | shoes |bag |earrings

1. Choose a Sleek, Tailored Jumpsuit

A formal occasion calls for a more tailored jumpsuit. Whether you choose a slim-cropped style or a more soft, flowy, wide-leg jumpsuit, be sure it is well-cut and gives you structure and shape. This is especially important at 40+ when our bodies are softer and rounder and need that extra structure.

Also, choose a jumpsuit that nips in at the waist. A definite waist looks more formal, and it’s more feminine. As for the neckline, many can work. For example, this dressy jumpsuit with the halter neck bow tie is trending for fall, but A V-neck is always very flattering.

2. Fit is Key

Jumpsuits can be tricky. They can make you look short or plain sloppy if you don’t get the right fit. Make sure your jumpsuit fits perfectly – not too tight like a catsuit, but not too long in the crotch or hanging down in the bum.

Petite gals – be careful, or you will look swamped in fabric. A jumpsuit with slim pant legs helps with reduced volume. If the pant legs are long, make sure the material doesn’t bunch up at the ankles.

Dressy Jumpsuits that Wow for Special Occasions! (2)

pink jumpsuit | pink jumpsuit here too | bag | shoes | earrings

3. A Solid Color

Black is the number one color for dressy jumpsuits because it’s always appropriate and slimming. Other neutral colors like navy, white, blush, and burgundy also look classy. Depending on the event or time of year, a solid, brightly colored jumpsuit, like this stunning pink, strapless number, can look fabulous too! If bright pink is your personality, go for it.

Prints are more formal than solid colors, so save those print jumpsuits for casual occasions.

4. Well Accessorized

The right bag and quality jewelry go a long way to creating a polished, formal look. Try a dressy clutch to look elegant or a small, structured bag. Avoid soft bags with boho style or heavy-looking daytime bags or totes.

Most jumpsuits look plain without jewelry for formal events. Don’t be afraid to choose a bold piece to stand out, such as a cuff bracelet, chunky necklace, or chandelier earrings. Gold, silver, and gemstones look sophisticated worn with formal jumpsuits, while colored costume jewelry is more casual. One of my favorites for modern, sophisticated jewelry is Dean Davidson!

Dressy Jumpsuits that Wow for Special Occasions! (3)

black jumpsuit | bag |shoes | earrings

5. High Heels, Please!

A gorgeous pair of sexy heels will dress up your jumpsuit and make you look tall, slim, and elegant. And they don’t have to be sky-high. Even kitten heels look fabulous with wide-leg evening jumpsuits. Any embellishment on your shoes, like crystals or gold detail, always looks formal and is a great way to add magic to a solid plain jumpsuit color.

5. Check Your Hair and Makeup

When wearing a formal jumpsuit, make sure your hair looks fabulous too. Wearing it up looks beautiful, but if you want to wear it down, that’s fine too. Just be sure you spend some time styling it. You don’t want your hair to look like you just walked off the beach.

Makeup should be classic or sexy. Red lips look great with a formal black jumpsuit, and you may want to throw on a touch of bronzer if you find black washes you out.

7. Wear a Jacket

If you want extra style points, try adding an evening jacket to your jumpsuit or draping one around your shoulders. This creates a chic, polished look and helps when the air conditioning is blowing, and your jumpsuit is sleeveless. Take it on and off and on as needed during the evening.

8. A Cropped Jumpsuit can be Dressy

The newest type of jumpsuit is a cropped flare jumpsuit, which can be dressed depending on the material and how you accessorize it. This chic look can be worn with heels or elegant flats.

Here are a few other dressy jumpsuits that are trending right now:

Dressy Jumpsuits that Wow for Special Occasions! (4)

white jumpsuit |white jumpsuit

White Jumpsuit

If you like a super feminine touch, you’ll love this or one of the many evening jumpsuits in all-white. This one has a fabulously beaded neckline, which makes it formal. White looks excellent in warm climates. If you can’t wear heels but need height, a pair of dressy wedges can work with a wide-leg pantsuit.

Dressy Jumpsuits that Wow for Special Occasions! (5)

satin jumpsuit

Satin Jumpsuit

Everything is coming up satin this fall, including jumpsuits. This stunning black satin jumpsuit is gorgeous with its asymmetrical neckline and elegant wide legs.

Dressy Jumpsuits that Wow for Special Occasions! (6)

green jumpsuit

Green Jumpsuit

This is just a beauty for fall. I love that rich green color and can see this at a fall wedding!

Dressy Jumpsuits that Wow for Special Occasions! (7)

velvet jumpsuit

Velvet Jumpsuit

Velvet always adds a formal element to anything, which is the case with this jumpsuit. This sexy strapless velvet jumpsuit would be perfect for a formal evening event, especially at Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s.

Dressy Jumpsuits that Wow for Special Occasions! (8)

one shoulder jumpsuit

Off The Shoulder Jumpsuit

A bold, colorful, off-the-shoulder jumpsuit is summery and festive and makes an exciting style statement. It’s glamorous, sexy, and a real head-turner!

Dressy Jumpsuits that Wow for Special Occasions! (9)

purple jumpsuit

Purple Jumpsuit

Purple is always regal, and this eggplant shade is modern and classy. The elegant folded neckline has a unique artsy look, and I love how the gorgeous bow at the waist creates a stunning focal point!

Dressy Jumpsuits that Wow for Special Occasions! (10)

boat neck jumpsuit

Boat Neck

I adore this black asymmetrical boat neck jumpsuit that’s elegant and slightly dramatic at the same time. This would be my choice!

These are just a few ideas for how to wear a jumpsuit.

What about you? Would you wear a dressy jumpsuit to a party? For bigger gals, plus-size jumpsuits are here. Did you see the cropped jumpsuit I also like wearing?

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Dressy Jumpsuits that Wow for Special Occasions! (2024)


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