Accel World VS Sword Art Online Deluxe Edition Review – PC (2024)

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Back when I found out that Accel World and Sword Art Online where getting a crossover title on the PlayStation formats, I was actually excited at the prospect of seeing these two similar, but vastly different worlds come together. I’ve watched both shows and while I do like SAO significantly more than AW, they both have their own merits. I guess back then it shouldn’t have been a surprise to learn they were both created by Reki Kawahara. So when I later found out that the PC was getting a go at this adventure in the form of Accel World vs Sword Art Online Deluxe Edition I couldn’t wait to dive in.

The first thing about AW vs SAO is that if you don’t know either series real well then you won’t really get the connections each characters from either side share with their accompanying cast. This is definitely a title suited for fans of both source materials but even so there is enough context to give newcomers the general gist of things. The second thing to know is that the title itself is kind of misleading in itself. While there is a brief scuffle in the opening act, AW vs SAO is more about both sides stopping a bigger threat to both worlds as they start to merge.

Almost right out of the gate, I felt right at home in AW vs SAO’s world as you start out in Sword Art’s Svart Alfheim. For newcomers and previous Sword Art Online series players, this is perhaps a very good thing as the developer Studio ArtDink already has had experience with SAO’s world with their previous work on SAO: Lost Song. It wasn’t just that Alfheim is the main world featured but also because much of Lost Song’s combat system can be seen here as well.

The main story of Accel World vs Sword Art Online Deluxe Edition features players from both sides who are trying to stop the destruction of their respected worlds. Caused by the mysterious Persona Vabel, this impending merger of worlds has caused panic amongst Kirito’s friends especially after SAO’s Yui is locked away in a tower to keep her quiet. It’s up to the Accelerated World’s Burst Linkers and SAO’s ALO player to stop her. Players can make up their team from a playable roster of 40 characters made from several notable faces from both worlds as they become available.

The beautiful thing about such a large cast is that there is plenty of opportunity to mix and match your favorite characters as you find a balance that works for you. While that many characters seems good on paper an important thing to note is that only the 3 active party members gain EXP making overall level management rather tedious. One of my favorite things about AW vs SAO is that you have two types of units. SAO’s Alfheim cast is comprised of aerial capable combatants while Accel World’s is made up of ground units (with exception of Silver Crow) even though some characters don’t actually touch the ground.

Despite their differences though, combat is mostly executed the same way for all units with some variances based on the character’s origin. Much like Lost Song on console and handheld, AW vs SAO has a rather complex control scheme. While playing with a keyboard and mouse is fine I actually recommend using a controller with this title. With the PC release, I noticed an increase in the overall framerate during combat with some dips still present at times. Luckily enough the overall experience was significantly smoother than the Vita version combined with an actual controller.

Fans of Lost Song should have no trouble adjusting to controls but it may take newcomers a bit to get the hang of things. Mastering and understanding the controls as well as each character’s abilities is particularly necessary when taking on the bosses, comprised of Accel World’s Seven Kings of Pure Color, as they are a substantially harder than anything else in the game by a good margin. Players can choose the overall difficulty of the game from the start but in any case diversity and control comprehension is definitely advised here.

There is plenty of content to dive into in Accel World vs Sword Art Online with an array of side quests to help you gain levels as well as an extra chapter after the credits. There are also the options once unlocked to partner up with other real players to take on powerful enemies in co-operative play. You can even go head to head in teams in multiplayer like the title suggests. Either way players can send a good deal of time in Accel World vs Sword Art Online Deluxe Edition with all the content available. This is especially true as this version comes with all the content from the PS4 and Vita versions including the Castaway from Another World DLC which brings new playable characters, dungeons and PVP quests to the game.

It is notable that the cutscenes are actually a bit shorter this time around which does get you into the action and interaction quicker. That said it doesn’t subtract from the actual storytelling and character interactions. It was actually really interesting to see how these two casts interact with each other and I’m actually surprised they haven’t done this in show form already. Reading is definitely necessary with Accel World vs Sword Art Online as it features only a Japanese audio track like its SAO predecessors. The music is good and I really enjoyed the opening movie and title theme song “S x W” which felt like a marrying of both show’s original openers. Visually the game is hit or miss in areas. With a larger screen and higher resolutions than the Vita version some environments look pretty good including main areas like Ryne. Character art as well as the menus still look as sharp as ever.

All in all, Studio ArtDink did a fantastic job bringing two awesome shows about virtual worlds and combining them into a single coherent adventure that will be sure to please fans from both camps. Like I said before I’m actually surprised some sort of venture between these two shows hasn’t been done sooner but I’m glad it’s something that I can personally interact with. I’ve played all kinds of crossovers in the past but none of them have really clicked like these two franchises have on a foundational level. If you are a SAO or Accel World fan, then you have to check out Accel World vs Sword Art Online for PC today.

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  1. Accel World and Sword Art Online Crossover: The article revolves around the crossover of two popular anime and light novel series, Accel World and Sword Art Online. The author expresses excitement about the prospect of these two distinct worlds converging in a crossover title.

  2. Common Creator: The revelation that both Accel World and Sword Art Online share a common creator, Reki Kawahara, is highlighted. This common origin potentially influences the thematic and narrative connections between the two series.

  3. PC Release: The primary focus of the article is the PC release of the game, titled "Accel World vs Sword Art Online Deluxe Edition." The author eagerly anticipates experiencing the crossover adventure on the PC platform.

  4. Gameplay and Story: The article emphasizes that familiarity with both series is essential for players to fully appreciate the connections between characters. The game's plot revolves around characters from both worlds uniting to prevent a threat caused by Persona Vabel, leading to the merging of the two universes.

  5. Character Roster: The game boasts a roster of 40 playable characters from both Accel World and Sword Art Online. Players can assemble their team and strategically choose characters based on their preferences and playstyle.

  6. Combat System: The combat system is described as reminiscent of Studio ArtDink's previous work on SAO: Lost Song. Both series contribute characters with distinct combat styles, and the controls are considered complex, recommending the use of a controller for an optimal gaming experience.

  7. Level Management and Difficulty: The article notes that only the three active party members gain experience points, making overall level management potentially tedious. The difficulty of the game can be chosen at the start, with an emphasis on understanding controls and character abilities, especially when facing challenging bosses.

  8. Content and Multiplayer: Accel World vs Sword Art Online is praised for its abundance of content, including side quests, an extra chapter after the credits, and cooperative multiplayer features. The Deluxe Edition includes all content from the PS4 and Vita versions, including DLC with new playable characters, dungeons, and PVP quests.

  9. Cutscenes and Audio: The cutscenes are mentioned to be shorter in this edition, contributing to a quicker transition into action. The game features only a Japanese audio track, requiring players to rely on subtitles for understanding. The music and opening theme song are praised for their quality and alignment with the respective shows.

  10. Visuals: Visual aspects of the game are discussed, with some environments praised for their quality on larger screens and higher resolutions. Character art and menus are noted to maintain sharpness.

  11. Personal Recommendation: The article concludes with a positive recommendation for fans of Sword Art Online and Accel World, encouraging them to explore the PC version of Accel World vs Sword Art Online Deluxe Edition.

In summary, the review provides a comprehensive overview of the game, covering its origins, gameplay mechanics, story, characters, visual aspects, and the overall experience, all from the perspective of a well-versed gaming enthusiast.

Accel World VS Sword Art Online Deluxe Edition Review – PC (2024)


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